Welcome to Pilot Knob, The Estate of Grace, your ideal destination for Retreats in Gallatin, TN

Rose Quarts Cherokee Medicine at Wheel

Welcome to the Pilot Knob Cherokee Healing Wheel. This wheel was placed on historic Cherokee Land for you, our guests, to experience and walk during your stay with us. Before beginning, understand that it is enough to just BE. Our purpose in life is to develop the inner self in relation to everything around us. In Being, we receive power from connectedness with a force greater than ourselves and Mother Earth. In Doing, we share our gifts with others.

The purpose of Walking the Wheel is two-fold. The first is to find your truth. Using this truth, discover where you are out of balance, from not devoting energy and time to each direction. The second is gathering energy for self, taking what is needed, and returning what is left to Mother Earth. 

There are paths to follow, there are seasons to honor, there are lessons to learn, and there is the Universe to contemplate. We came for this journey. We showed up for this time. We came to become a part of this now-life to remember who our soul self is and to authentically express that self. We are interconnected with all there is, and as such, we are a thread in the tapestry of existence.

Find Harmony. Create Balance. Be Grateful. Experience Joy. Open your Heart. Do your Best. Give Completely.

Enter the circle from the East:

The Color is Red, the symbol is Fire, and the animal is Eagle. The East represents the beginning, the birth, and the season of Spring. While standing in the East, feel the warmth and light and notice any breeze. 

Ask yourself:

What am I a part of? What have I come to be and do?

Move to the South:

The color is White. The symbol is Earth, and the animal is Porcupine. The South represents youth, emotions, and the season of Summer. It is where you revisit your childlike wonder and innocence. Feel the awe of Mother Earth and acknowledge Joy

and Peace that exists in your life.

Ask yourself:

What did I enjoy as a child? What do or what have I done that brings me joy?

Move to the West:

The color is Black. The symbol is Water, and the animal is Bear. The West represents your adulthood, full of Energy, Strength, and Endurance gathered during the harvest of your life. The season of Fall. Become Introspective, and focus on your Dreams and Goals. 

Ask yourself: 

What are my strengths? What limits me?

Move to the North:

The color is Sky Blue. The symbol is Wind, and the animal is Moose. The North represents your Wisdom, the conclusion of life, and the season of Winter. While here, reflect on your sense of Knowing, Giving, and Sharing. Elevate your self-esteem. 

Ask yourself:

What have I learned? What do I have to share and contribute?


Upon exiting:

We invite you to offer the circle a gift. Traditionally tobacco, cornmeal, and salt were left behind in gratitude. Reflect on time as perceived by the indigenous Cherokee- “Things begin when they are ready. Things end when they are finished.”