Welcome to Pilot Knob, The Estate of Grace, your ideal destination for Retreats in Gallatin, TN

Land History

In the late 1700s and early 1800s, the land surrounding the Sumner County Pilot Knob Summit was a place of refuge for early settlers that were on the difficult journey of creating a new earth of their time. The summit energetically attracted the pioneers and became a place of safety for them to rest. They set up camp at “Station Camp”, and a piece of that area later became the “Pilot Knob Estate” and is now our “Estate of Grace”.

 We feel that just as the pioneers were drawn to this land, the land has now found us on our similar journey of restoring a new way of life for humanity. This journey of becoming requires rest for the mind, body and spirit. The Pilot Knob, Estate of Grace, is a sanctuary of restoration that holds space and provides healing for all that come

Estate History 

Pilot Knob main estate home and the rose cabin were built in 1836 by Albert C. Franklin (1812-1874) the son of James Franklin. The family was known around the country as prominent horse breeders. The Cabin of Tranquility was transplanted by Later owner, Nat Calweld, in the late 1960’s from a county in East Tennessee. All original logs and architecture were taken down, numbered, and reassembled one by one at the new location at Pilot Knob. The recreation area across the lake from the estate is named after the previous estate owner, Nat Caldwell. 

For more historic details please visit:  https://nashvillehistory.blogspot.com/2010/07/